www.Jpay.com with login, mail and precash


JPay Inmate Services, located at www.jpay.com, provides several different services to friends and family of incarcerated individuals. These incarcerated individuals can be inmates in county, state and federal correction facilities.Friends and family can use JPay to safely and conveniently send money to their loved ones. This money can be used by the inmates to buy supplies. Funds may also be used to purchase prepaid or debit phone time. JPay also provides an e-messaging service, which is a convenient way for friends and family to e-mail incarcerated individuals. Users must purchase virtual stamps and then they can simply type an e-mail to a selected inmate. The e-message is delivered electronically to the facility’s mailroom and the inmate usually has possession of the letter within 48 hours. The e-messaging service is a great alternative to regular mail because of its fast turnaround time.

Video visitation is also provided between JPay users and approved inmates. Video visitation is especially convenient when a friend or family member is unable to visit an inmate due to distance or financial reasons. It’s easy to use and the only requirements are a webcam, microphone and internet access.Not only does www.jpay.com connect friends and family with their incarcerated loved ones, it connects friends and family to other inmate’s friends and family. The site’s forums allow individuals who are dealing with similar situations to form support networks.

Parolees may also use JPay’s services for paying legal fees, fines and restitution. They may also use JPay’s Release Debit Card.
JPay is a pioneer in these technology based inmate services and provides fast, easy and safe methods for connecting friends and family with their incarcerated loved ones.


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