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Staying in contact is key in today’s high tech society. These days, cellular phones are more than a means to make and receive phone calls and text messages. People rely on their phones to wake up at the right time in the morning, check their email, surf the web, keep track of appointments and meetings, and even give them driving directions. Cell phones are cameras, photo albums, camcorders, video libraries, audio recorders, photo editors, video game consoles, note pads, and so much more. Many people would be absolutely lost without their phones. That’s why it is so important to protect cell phones from loss, theft, or damage.

The web site www.phoneclaim.com is the online claims center for Asurion, one of the most trusted technology protection companies. Asurion provides fast, easy, and convenient claims service and provides customers with a replacement phone quickly with very little hassle on their part. Usually the claims take less than ten minutes to process, and customers are provided with tracking and email confirmations for added peace of mind.

To protect a phone with Asurion, customers simply visit the web site phoneclaim.com, select their particular cellular service provider, and provide some basic contact information. The service is low-cost and the company is certified by the better business bureau. Best of all, customers can process their claims online from the convenience of their own homes. To better serve all customers, phoneclaim.com helps clients of all major cellular companies with services in both English and Spanish. All reviews on the testimonial page rate the site with four or five out of five stars. If something happens and a mobile phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, phoneclaim.com is a great ally to have.