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The United States Government has stepped in with Safelink Wireless, which is a no-contract cellular service in order to help provide phone service through TracFone Wireless. TracFone is the number one and one of the largest no contract cellular phone service in America. This will not require you to have perfect credit. Additionally, you are not required to use your credit at all in order to use this program. There will be some rules for approval for this government program.

Although the phones are through TracFone but the program from the government is with Safelink Wireless offering and working with the government. There are many people who need a phone for health reasons and several other reasons of needing the phone service. By going to the website www.safelink.com you will be able to know what you need to do to apply for the phone. The website offers everything you need to get started on the government program. Meeting the eligibility requirements and having that information ready will also help you to get the process moving.

The eligibility can vary from state-to-state as well as income eligibility needed. Additionally, by going on the Safelink Wireless website will have all the requirements you must meet. For instance, there are some based on a person’s government programs that you maybe on for state or Federal programs. The income based on the Income Poverty Guidelines, which the Government had defined in order to be able to participate Safelink Wireless. There is a limit as well as to only one phone per household.

Simply go to www.safelink.com and on the homepage, you will see right on top the free cell phone and minute’s programs. You are going to answer if you participate in any government programs such as Food Stamps, or Medicaid. You will need to put in your zip code to make sure the services of the phones are available in your area. The government program does not decide on the areas for eligibility as it depends on the cellular service lines and if they have their lines in the area, you live in. The program offers two-hundred-fifty-minutes every month for local and national long distance calls with texting and voicemail. Pay nothing without a bill; no contracts as mentioned earlier and without hidden fees.


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