www.IXL.com for sign in and math review for the fifth grade


IXL.com gives children between the grades of Pre-K and Eighth Grade additional practice and tutoring for a successful head start in school. The website is used in more than 150 countries including the United States, Canada, South America, Russia, Austrila and parts of Africa to name a few. All of your student’s math skills can be strengthened with the support of www.IXL.com

The IXL program teaches students math skills that meet the astringent requirements set forth by the state. This gives users the confidence that the material presented meet the mathematical standards that the students will encounter in school. Members of IXL receive reporting standards based upon state standard reports. These reports show necessary skill components for standardized testing that each student is required to master.

Student performance is tracked on the website and important statistics regarding the student’s progress is available for review. The website www.IXL.com compares the student’s current progress with that of the state standards. With this information, students are able to focus on the areas that require improvement. Students are also given awards for showing skill set mastery in certain areas of math.

Each age module has a set of skills and task that are a fundamental set of math requirements that the student must master. Some examples of the skill set provided to the student include identifying shapes, counting, addition as well as linear functions, and geometry for eight graders. The IXL program will provide math support for grades 9 through 12 soon. Interested users can sign up for an email update on their particular coursework of interest. IXL membership requires a payment subscription, but will open up more skill set problems and reports for the student, teacher and parent


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