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Xtramath.org is a nonprofit organization that helps reinforce basic math skills in elelmentary school students. Through short Xtramath sessions avilable through an Internet browser students are able to access tests that ask them addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions. The student is presented with a question and types in the answer as quickly as possible. When the student answers within 3 seconds they get a smiley face as a reward, if they answer in under 10 seconds they get a green checkmark. If the answer is wrong, the child is given the answer and types it in as a way to reinfornce learning.

Xtramath.org is used in classrooms and is supported in the home with a parent account as well. Parents whose child's school does not participate in Xtramath can still register their child for the program through the website. The site contains only the lessons, the students progress reports and related features. There is no advertising on the site, and there is no cost to parents or schools. Instead, the site and program is paid for by grants and donations.

Xtramath.org is easy to use. A typical session is less than ten minutes long, and it is recommended that it be included as part of a child's daily routine. Studies have shown that quick recall of the math problems practiced in Xtramath help free up a child's mind for solving more complex problems, and lead to better scores on standardized tests.


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