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Kids always love toys that feature characters from their favorite movie or story. Unique packaging is also important for catching their eyes and even storing those toys when play time is over. Squinkies.com has combined these two elements into a line of toys that has been miniaturized, making them perfect for your playful bundle of joy. Squinkies offers you toys for both boys and girls that are easy to handle and put right into the action the next time your kids are playing their favorite games.

Each individual squinkie comes in a small bubble package. Once you have purchased your squinkie from your particular collection of interest, you open your bubble to discover which character you have received. Children love the mystery and anticipation of getting the toy. For the boys you can buy squinkies fashioned as characters from Cars 2, the Hotwheels collection, or the Marvel Universe. Girls find just as many great characters from their favorites as well. Whether its Disney Princess, Barbie, or even Hello Kitty, there is a character that is likely to spark her interest. Children are encouraged to collect all of their favorite characters from each collection. Squinkies.com offers up to nine characters for each collection and many collections come with unique dispensers of the bubble packaging for enhanced interaction, including the Spider-Man capsule dispenser.

Any parent can get squinkies for their kids from the comfort of their living rooms. Ordering online at www.squinkies.com lets buyers discover great deals and explore collections that may not be available in stores. Squinkies.com lets you search for stores that carry these unique products and also lets you get a sneak peak into new collections that will soon be available. In addition to the toys themselves, there is apparel and other accessories available that will let squinkies soon become all the rage among children's favorite toys.


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