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FAS.ie is the Irish authority on job training and employment. It's overall purpose is to increase the abilities of men and women who are in the job market, positioning Ireland at the forefront of the job marketplace in supplying skilled workers to various industries. Giving companies contemplating Ireland as a possibility for doing business, an educated workforce to further improve the companies capability to be innovative and productive.

Offering services to both employers and job seekers, services including career advice and on the job training. Details are offered such as employment rights as it relates to minimum wage, workers rights, contracts, working hours etc. A directory for job seekers where a variety of careers are published ranging in ability and academic levels. Specifics of each career choice are listed, which include information that pertains to salaries, job advancement etc. Individuals can list CVs within the directory. Employers can vet them making job offers if openings arise. Employers in addition get access to a database of those seeking jobs.

Professional services also include helping job seekers to be prepared for job interviews, to write CV's to help increase their chance of being employed. Registrations on site at various local offices are available, providing career guidance and placement services. Additionally internships can be obtained to help people looking for work transition to a full time job through getting on the job training. Community based programs are provided for all those seeking employment locally, gaining work experience in community jobs, individuals likewise have access to training given by these types of services improving their skills in the local job market.

Career advancement is at the center of the training programs at FAS.ie. In advancing careers more opportunities arise for those people with greater skill sets. This ensures increased competency improving on the job performance. Additionally, there are job placements and apprentice programs enabling women and men to train in craftsmanship. Job placements offer an opportunity for the unemployed or graduate students to work for a limited time thereby gaining work experience to further improve their chances of gaining employment. FAS.ie provides extensive training and employment services covering a wide array of skills and needs with the goal of enabling Ireland to be an educated knowledge based economy.


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