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The Health Service Executive offers many different kinds of physical and mental health services in different hospitals around the country of Ireland. They offer basically ever service possible to the residents of Ireland. They also offer a directory of all the hospitals that they partner with and which services are available at each hospital. HSE is well known for providing a wide array of services for treatment and prevention of disease and services for civil registration as well.

HSE offers services for cancer with 8 hospitals around the country dedicated to cancer research and treatment through their National Cancer Control Program. The program was set up in 2007 with the goal of completely changing the method in which Cancer care is given to residents of Ireland. Their emphasis is on prevention which is why they offer regular cancer screenings to their patients.

Another feature of the the Health Service Executive is the services for children and families. They feature the North South Child Protection Hub. This service is dedicated to educating the public on information about child protection. Their network of hospitals also offers physical and mental health services for children around the country as well.

HSE is also committed to getting the HPV vaccine to women around Ireland as well. The HPV vaccine is now available to younger girls in Ireland. The website also provides information on cervical cancer and different signs to look for and information on HPV as well. Any questions that patients have about HPV or the HPV vaccine and its benefits can be answered through HSE on their website.

On top of their health services the Health Service Executive also offers civil registration services to residents of Ireland as well. It is possible to register to register a birth, death or marriage through the service. HSE is the leading provider of medical and health services in Ireland for both prevention and cure. Their cancer services are second to none with a focus on prevention.


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