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Quinn Direct is one of the leading providers of insurance in the Republic of Ireland. At Quinn Direct, we guarantee the best possible coverage for a very competitive price. At Quinn Direct, we insure homes, cars, vans and motorcyles, and we are proud to say that we provide exemplary insurance coverage for many satisfied customers. Recently, Quinn Direct was aquired by Fortune 100 company Libery Mutual Group, but our quality and low prices, as well as the name Quinn Direct, still provides good insurance coverage from a highly experienced insurance company that celebrates pride in the Irish heritage.

Quinn-direct.com is a website that is full of valuable and extremely useful information for both current and potential customers who desire to obtain or maintain an insurance policy from Quinn Direct. Www.quinn-direct.com contains everything from getting a quote on an insurance policy for new customers, to paying bills online for our existing ones. At quinn-direct.com, we are confident that we have extremely good insurance at very competitive rates.

On the Quinn Direct website, we also have a resources area that can help our customers with issues besides insurance coverage. Here, we have links that can help show how to save money on insurance, and links that can lead to sites that provide safe driving tips. We even have a link to the Irish Road Safety Authority so that unlicensed drivers can learn where to take their driving test.

For insurance that is guaranteed to provide the best coverage at affordable prices, visit www.quinn-direct.com. Quinn Direct provides motor and home insurance that will protect against both commercial and property damage for the entire Republic of Ireland. To become one of our next satisfied customers, or just to learn about the basics of driving in Ireland, visit www.quinn-direct.com and check out our vast array of informational links.


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