www.NCTS.ie has bookings, vrt plus contact and location infos online


Car owners can schedule a V.R.T. test for their vehicles with a visit to http://www.ncts.ie. The official National Car Testing Service website offers information about the test and how to change a scheduled date for the test. There is a surcharge if the test date is changed within the five business days before the scheduled test date. The tests are conducted every two years on vehicles that are at least four year olds. And vehicles that are at least 10 years old are required to have an annual test. The test checks for problems, which can include rust on the car body, windscreen wiper and exhaust emissions. A download for the N.C.T. Manual offers a completely detailed inspection list.

The contact information includes an email address, telephone number, fax number and mailing address. Several locations for the test sites are listed at NCTS.ie. A chart is available with the model years for vehicles, which can help an individual to easily determine the future years for tests. The cars may be inspected up to six months before the regularly scheduled date for the first test. Subsequent early tests are available for no more than three months before the regular test date. Applus+ Car Service Testing, Ltd. was awarded the national contract. The V.R.T. test is supposed to encourage much safer cars. More details are offered in the download for the V.R.T. Manual.

Individuals will receive a Vehicle Inspection Report (V.I.R) about the test results. The link for the V.I.R provides more information. Some cars may fail the first test. Owners should book a second test, within 21 days of the first test date, for vehicles that failed the initial inspection. The second test must be successfully completed within 30 days. Questions and answers are listed on the FAQ webpage. The Bookings section includes the email address, bookings@ncts.ie. Correspondence should include the vehicle registration number and a telephone number. Official information about the V.R.T. and National Car Test is available at http://www.ncts.ie.


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