www.eRail.in with chennai suburban and seat availability info


Everyone who has ever traveled in India already knows how amazing, extensive and efficient the railroad system here is, deliving travelers and commuters from Point A to Point B with economy, class and style. But now it's even easier and more convenient to book passage and accommodations aboard Indian railway trains by using Indian Railway's Computerized Reservation Centres. Passengers can buy their tickets at all larger railway stations -- up to 90 days in advance. Travel accommodations can also be booked using credit cards, through travel agents and over mobile phones. Ticketing information is also available by a railway automated enquiry system as well.

But in addition to the many resources listed above, Indian Railways also offers a very informative website, www.erail.in, which helps travelers with information regarding schedules, accommodations, destinations, pricing, travel packages and answers to FAQs. "erail.in" supplies total information for railway travelers within a format that is convenient, accessible and easy to understand.
www.erail.in clearly describes the wide range of passenger amenities that make travelers' journeys as comfortable as possible within various price ranges that all travelers can select from -- insuring that rail travel is convenient and affordable to everyone. Indian Railway's travel amenities include catering services, cloak rooms and waiting rooms at connecting stations, first aid boxes, air conditioning, sleeping accommodations and self-help trolleys for the convenience of passengers with heavy luggage.

According to erail.in, it is also easy to make changes to already-purchased tickets that will reflect sudden changes in a traveler's plans. For instance, extensions can be added, circular journey tickets may be purchased, already-purchased tickets can be transferred to family members if 24-hour notice is given, and tickets can be upgraded to a higher class en route. Indian Railways desires to make its travelers' journeys as efficient, economical, comfortable and convenient as possible -- and now its www.erail.in website helps travelers to get from Point A to Point B even more comfortably and conveniently.


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