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Rediffmail.com is a web based email service that caters to Indians. The service has an excellent user interface that is incredibly easy to navigate and provides a great deal of information. Rediffmail is more than just email. It has news, videos, and articles on the most popular topics in Indian pop culture. If you go to www.rediffmail.com you will notice that the site caters to not only Indians who are located in India but also Indians living abroad.

It provides a portal for Indian people not only to connect with each other via email, but also allows them to keep up to date on cultural events and gossip. Although the homepage is basic, it provides value by providing a search engine function and connects the user to a variety of tools like cricket scores, stock tracking, shopping and free music, just to name a few.

Rediffmail is the most popular mail service among Indians and is one of the only culture specific web portals that combines email with multimedia and news options. In order to service all of India, the site has technology that enables email creation in many Indian languages. This sets rediffmail apart from all other free email services because rediffmail is the only one that supports these specific languages which are seen as obscure and not worth the time of many other email services. In 2010 the web service launched a pay for only mobile email service that allows the user to not only answer email via phone but also to easily synchronize email on the phone with their desktop or laptop. Rediffemail has 95 million users worldwide and growing rapidly in India as well as abroad.


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