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Vijay.inya.com covers the latest entertainment news happening now on the Vijay television station. Tabs on the site include categories such as serials, movies, weekend shows and miscellaneous entertainment details. The word "Vijay" is a common name for men in India, but the station covers movies and shows that are well-loved by both men and women. The Vijay station falls under the larger entertainment company Star and includes stations like Star Movies, Star World, Star One, Star Pravah, Star Jalsha and Star Utsav.

The photo gallery features images of favorite actors and actresses from shows such as Super Singer 3, Maharini and Junior Super Stars. Snapshots include serious and funny moments as these celebrities create the shows viewers love. Visitors should also spend some time checking out the program guide to learn when new episodes of favorite shows are airing or when new movies are coming out. Clicking on any of the shows provides additional information not found on the main page.

Most of the information an average viewer needs is located on the main page of www.vijay.indya.com. Simply look to the center panel of the browser for a list of shows, what time each airs and a forum related to that show. Some of the shows also include photo galleries of the movie stars in action. Choose from details about serials, movies, specials and shows that air on the weekends.

The top of the screen is devoted to today's current news. Find out what shows are getting ready to air on Vijay. Click on the show's icon for additional details, such as who stars in that show, what the episode is about or to access details like galleries and forums.


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