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For the most up-to-date entertainment and celebrity news, www.people.com is the leading online source. Unlike the brands human interest and entertainment weekly magazine, people.com focuses exclusively on celebrity news and receives millions of viewers each day. During more prominent times in the entertainment industry including award shows like the Golden Globes and Oscars, people.com will receive upwards of 50 million viewers each day.

Categories on people.com include celebrity news, photos, style, celebs, babies, tv watch, games, videos and more. In addition, each category generally has a selection of sub-categories for more specific interests. For example, the style category includes news, makeover, fashion, beauty, hot sales, deals & shopping, and body watch sub-categories. The sub-categories provide a user-friendly way for viewers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Updated minute by minute and hour to hour, the People website contains timely celebrity news, thus making an archive category a must-have. For viewers that may be offline for a few days, they are able to catch up on past news by using this resource. Not only does this feature provide previous people.com articles, it also allows readers to view past issues of the print magazine which features several different topics and articles that can’t be found on the website. This feature allows people.com to be an even more valuable celebrity resource.

Interactive games on the web have become an important source of entertainment for the masses. By providing a fun and entertaining outlet for viewers on people.com the website immediately becomes a leading source for mid-day breaks at the office or late night fun with friends. The games category of people.com also allows viewers to interact and prove their celebrity know-how. Games include a celebrity crossword puzzle, quiz, hangman, love connection and many more.

The organization of www.people.com is impeccable. The celeb section of the site provides viewers with an alphabetical assortment of the hottest and most searched celebrities from the past and present. If a reader is interested in learning more about a particular person, a simple click of the mouse will lead them directly to a biographical page that includes filmography, fun facts, upcoming television or film appearances and all recent or archived information regarding that celebrity. People.com has a strong history of providing the web with breaking celebrity news, the latest photos and the hottest style tips allowing the audience to make an unforgettable connection to the brand.


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