www.SpellingCity.com for 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade starter

Learning Games

Parents and teachers that want a great resource to help to help teach spelling to children, or those who are learning to read, need to visit a website called Spelling City. It can be fount at www.spellingcity.com, and has over forty-two thousand, spelling words and sentences to use for learning. The main page on the website has a spelling list that parents or teachers can type in the correct spelling of the words, then by clicking teach me, will give the test to the learner. Try it by adding a mini list of words to where is says start here, to see how the games will interact to the words. A very nice option is a say it button, which a voice will then say the word, allowing the test taker to hear the proper word and the sentence option, will then use that word in a sentence
Vocabulary is fun and exciting with a variety of games like HangMouse, that challenges the players to guess the right letter.

If the correct letter is picked, the mouse gets a piece of cheese, if not the sleeping cat will slowly waken up and will catch the mouse after five wrong guesses. Match Game, Crossword, Unscramble, and Word Search are games most people are familiar with. The Slang game has players guessing what popular phrases mean, and Eight word gives a player an eight letter word that can be broken down into many words. By guessing all the words found within the eight letter word, the player keeps moving up another level.
Teachers can appreciate the site to keep track of individuals and how they learning within a few minutes. They can find out if a student took a test more than once, or if they were able to complete it the first time.

This will alert the teacher that the student is struggling and will need additional help. The other great advantage that each spelling list that is generated and put in the start here area, is generated into the games. That makes learning the spelling list more interactive, while having fun playing the games learning weekly spelling lists. Although there are free games at spellcity.com that learners can take advantage of, a premium membership will provide more games and more learning skills tests, which would be available to play. Kids will think its fun, but parents will know that it is learning.


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