www.clubpenguin.com has cheats and glitches for money


Club Penguin is an interactive website designed primarily for children between the ages of six and fourteen, but open to anyone of any age who wants to play. Players design their own penguins and, through them, vicariously explore the snowy environment of Club Penguin Island. Possible interactions with other players include chatting, waving, dancing, going to parties, acting in plays, adopting Puffle Pets, and playing games.

When players win games, they earn virtual coins. Any player can win coins, but only paying members can use these coins to create their own igloos as well as wardrobes for their Penguins. Players stretch their math skills through dealing with money and handling purchases, and they stretch their reading and keyboarding skills through keeping up with all of the various opportunities and interactions they encounter while playing.

Chat messages are filtered to block out any words or phrases that aren't on Club Penguin’s approved list. If, in spite of this, a message slips through that a player finds offensive, he or she can click on the "M" icon in the upper-right section of the screen to alert a monitor. Parents can also create their own accounts if they'd like to specify the time frames during which their children can play, or set their children's total number of playing hours per day.

People are welcome to create a penguin and play for free, however, some opportunities, such as the igloo and wardrobe creation mentioned above, can only be accessed by paying members. Paid memberships make it possible for the owners of www.clubpenguin.com to operate an ad-free site, provide monitoring for safety purposes, and keep on making the site fun, interesting, and rich in opportunities for learning and creativity.


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