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The website www.xboxlive.com is the Internet storefront for Microsoft's Xbox network. Xboxlive.com is where people can access the various features that the network has to offer. The primary use of Xbox Live is for players of the Xbox 360 to access online content. This content ranges from multiplayer games, to videos, movies, music, social networking, and downloadable content for many popular titles available for the Xbox 360 console. The Xbox Live website is owned and administered by Microsoft, the creator of Xbox and Xbox Live. The site is popular world-wide, as the service can be accessed anywhere via internet.

From the Xbox Live website, users can choose from a multitude of options that relate to the Xbox Live service. These options include links that lead to pages where people can join Xbox Live, view their existing accounts, and read about the various friends and family, mobile, and entertainment features. By accessing the link "Join Now," users can sign up for one of the different types of Xbox Live accounts. There are three service levels for Xbox Live: Silver, Gold, and Family. With the Silver service level, users can only access a limited amount of Xbox Live content, however, the Silver account is free. The Gold and Family services levels are both paid accounts that contain the majority of the available content on Xbox Live. The Gold account is for individual users who want to access the full amount of content. This service level is offered for the monthly price of $9.99 USD, or for $59.99 USD per year. The Family service level is also offered in both monthly and yearly payment options. For $12.99 USD per month, or for $99.99 USD per year, users can purchase the service for family entertainment purposes.

The most significant difference between the Gold and Family accounts is that the Family account contains more content that deals with how the family uses the service. From xboxlive.com, or from the Xbox 360 Dashboard, parents can monitor and assign the time spent on the service. There is also a feature that allows parents to give an allowance of Microsoft Points. Microsoft Points are a form of currency used by Xbox Live so that players can access certain movies, games, or downloadable content. By using a credit card, or by purchasing an in-store card at participating retail stores, users can have a number of these points added to their account.


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