www.Chooseandbook.nhs.uk is a online appointement system from NHS


Choose and Book has its main functions geared towards medical referrals. It is a part of the UK's medical and health services provider, the NHS. Choose and Book organizes hospital referrals for patients as well as their treatment programs. It has a dedicated staff endowed with skills to handle issues pertaining to patients. Through their website, a client can get to choose their best hospital or clinic and even make appointments with preferred medical specialists. The NHS means of connecting for health gives all customers with a liking for the service to access it online.

Once a patient logs onto www.chooseandbook.nhs.uk and registers, they are issued with an appointment reference number and a password. This comes in handy when the customer wants to defer and application. On the other hand one can choose to use the "The Appointment Line" (TAL) on the homepage to submit a query or cancel an appointment. The TAL line is open from 7am to 10 pm daily. The website provides the number for all to access it.

The site chooseandbook.nhs.uk provides a search function whereby the client can locate information on specific hospitals, clinics, health experts etc. The Choose and Book web platform also offers a Frequently Asked Questions sections to handle client grievances and issues. It also provides a benchmark for measuring reliability. Among the services they offer are minor injury units walk-in centers, dentists, chemists, opticians and support for careers. At choose and book one may find advice applets on major health matters relating to fertility, mental health, food health, HIV support, maternity, parenting and child care just to mention but a few.

One can get linked to the National Health Service through the direst customer call center telephone number available on the website contacts. Apart from maintaining contact with the client choose and book gives the flexibility of managing one’s own appointment records while still under medication. One can choose appointments that do not collide with their careers schedule. Patients can get medication from any hospital in England associated with NHS.


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