www.iBank.Barclays.co.uk with mobile online login

Finance banking

Barclays Bank is a UK-based provider of financial services with operations that span the globe. Its services range from advancements of loans, mortgages, business consultancy to other credit facilities. It owns and operates a website (www.ibank.barclays.co.uk) through which it performs a variety of banking services on the web platform.

On the homepage, there are a variety of tools that a user first encounters. These tools together with their functions include: About Barclays – which gives a brief history about Barclays Bank. Here, the user gets to know when Barclays Bank was establishes, where it is headquartered, its branch network globally, its mission, vision and core functions. Contact Us – provides a page that contains the contacts of various offices of Barclays Bank worldwide.

A user can fill the form and immediately contact the branch of his/her choice immediately or use the available data on telephone contacts, fax, emails and telex to reach out the organization through other avenues; Security is a page outlining the steps taken by Barclays Bank to secure its online financial transactions. These steps include fraud prevention, protection of PINs, passwords, private data and internet security software; legal, page which outlines the steps that an account holder should take to seek legal redress for his/her grievances and also those that Barclays Bank takes whenever it feels that its rights and freedoms are violated.

Secure Log in, provides a channel through which account holders can access the web services in a safe manner that is devoid of any threats of data privacy being infringed upon. Finally, the registration button enables new users to create accounts with the portal: ibank.barclays.co.uk. Generally, the site is neatly done, properly laid out and beautiful in its presentation. Users will generally find it easier to navigate, muster and utilize it for their everyday purposes.


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