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Mathematics is one of the most dreaded learning unit by most students around the globe; however at www.mymaths.co.uk students can have access to samples papers, online exams and other mathematics learning materials. This UK based sites offers learning materials to students in more than 70 countries around the world. The site caters for students in all categories from lower primary, secondary, college and university. There are also special tailored modules for students with special needs. These are mainly the mentally handicapped and the blind. In addition to that the site does not focus on only one syllabus alone but cut across all syllabuses depending on the countries location.

There are a few basic steps that the student or the tutor ought to follow before they can enroll with mymaths.co.uk. The first step is to register with the site. This will give you an opportunity to freely navigate the different sections of the website. There are tabs for lessons, reviews, homework, assessment tests among others. All this provide different information to the end user. In addition to the above mentioned tabs, there is also an option for games where both the student and lecture and interact in online games. This is to make the mid relax after a gruesome assignment.

It is important to note that not all assessment tests can be downloaded for free. The site offers simple sample tests for free but if a student’s wants to download a full paper then they are required to subscribe for the service. The subscription fee varies depending on the academic level of the person, the syllabus used and the duration that the student wants to subscribe for the service. The members of the site are sent monthly newsletters and updates to keep them informed of what is happening in the mathematics world.


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