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www.next.co.uk is the online division of Next, a retail business based in the United Kingdom. Next offers clothing, accessories, and homeware in their physical locations as well as their online directory. next.co.uk was established in 1999; its physical retail locations have been in business since the 1980s. The site only accepts orders placed by UK customers. However, Next has a separate online directory specifically for international customers as well.

next.co.uk focuses primarily on clothing. The site carries a wide selection of clothing for women, men, and children. Clothing sections are divided by brand name, style, and type such as shirts, jeans, and dresses. Separate sections are also available for shoes and sportswear. Photographs of models wearing the advertised clothing article accompanies each listing description with the ability to zoom in for closer details. Each item generally features more than one photograph.

A smaller portion of the site focuses on homeware and electronics. On these sections of the online directory, consumers can purchase goods such as bedding accessories, kitchen appliances, and television sets. Similar to the clothing sections, homeware and electronics listings feature clear photographs of each item with the option to zoom closer. next.co.uk also regularly features "offers," which are bargain items that are 50% or more off the retail prices.

To aid with the purchases of clothing, next.co.uk provides different sizing guides for women, men, and children. Once an order is placed, payment can be processed via credit cards. To view the status of an order, customers need to log into the site. For issues concerning problematic orders, customer service can be reached via email or phone. next.co.uk accepts returns of merchandise within 28 days of purchase provided that the goods have not been damaged or used.


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