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Young, fun and savy fashions are found at www. zara.com. This international clothing retailer has the latest style trends for men, women and children. The company started in Spain and now has stores in over 50 countries. They also have a distinctive and stylish web presence. Zara.com offers a good selection of clothing choices for men, women and children. Items include tops, pants, coats, dresses, shoes, handbags and accessories. Clothing for children is also offered in infant and toddler sizes. Men and women's clothing is available in the standard adult sizes.

Because this company is involved in all aspects of the fashion business, they can offer the latest trends at affordable prices. Zara designs, produces, distributes and sells their own clothing lines. They believe that two weeks is enough time to build, produce and ship a new product line. Zara is quick to offer the newest trends and make them available in their stores and online. New styles are always available on zara.com.

The company has an extensive environmental policy which influences the way in which they do business. Their stated goal is to reduce energy consumption by 20 per cent in all areas. They also focus on recycling and reducing waste in production and shipping. This environmental awareness also determines the materials used in their clothing lines. Zara.com offers organic cotton clothing and PVC free footwear. Animal products used in the production of accessories are from animals raised on food farms. Not only does Zara provide the consumer with the latest in clothing fashion, but their business model allows the customer to order clothing at affordable prices. Up to the minute styles at affordable prices are available on zara.com.


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