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The website www.rte.ie offers a range of information about the goings-on in the world, from general news, to sports news, to business information and entertainment. Just on the home page, one can peruse a myriad of helpful topics, including breaking news, weather updates, fashion trends, easy recipes, etc. The site even offers a search engine, an online dating service, job listings, and a travel assistance site.

The sports tab is one of the main focuses of the site, giving readers a glimpse of happenings across the athletic spectrum. For a brief update of the main events in the sports realm, the homepage covers outcomes and hot topics about athletes. For a much more in-depth review of a particular event or sport, the page lists links to individual homepages for different sports or interesting threads. Similarly, the entertainment section of Rte gains much traffic for its variety of television information, celebrity news, movie reviews, music coverage, and more. Contributors to the site not only post relevant news but also compile interesting interviews with celebrities and commentary about all things entertaining. The television and radio headers of the main site give readers access to a wealth of similar information about these topics.

The business section takes a different look at the world. With convenient links to updates on exchange rates and current market information, readers can delve into any economic interests. For those less interested in the current state of the world markets, the currency converter still helps travelers budget an upcoming vacation or business trip. Plus, this section of the site also posts more colloquial articles for those who are less business savvy.

All of these main areas of rte.ie, coupled with the life and style articles and the tips on healthy cooking, dating, etc., give this website credibility for providing readers with the tools to living a well-balanced, socially responsible lifestyle.


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