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Job Bank is a Canadian site that is useful for anyone looking for a job in any industry. There are always at least 20,000 jobs available for all of Canada. This site is available in both French and English to allow a wider variety of people to benefit from this site. In order to use certain tools on www.jobbank.gc.ca, such as Job Match, Job Alert, and Résumé Builder, users must register for an account. Canadians can still look for jobs without signing up, yet they won't be able to use certain options. Users do not have to pay any fees for these services, but they do have to enter their name and email address. They will also have to create a job identification number.

Once registered and logged in, users have a number of options to choose from. There is Job Search for adults, as well as a separate one for youths. To search for jobs, users need to enter the following information: keywords, how recent or fresh the jobs are, the location, and the job category or industry. Canadians can also add more options to receive more specific results. There is job match; this option will show users jobs that match their profile. As for job alert, this option notifies users when a job fitting their profile is posted.

The site www.jobbank.gc.ca also has a Career Navigator. This section is mostly consisted of quizzes job seekers can take. There is a quiz that determines what users are good at and possible occupations, a quiz that tells how the user deals with data, people, and things. Users can discover work preference by taking a quiz. Along with career quizzes, there are also learning style quizzes. There is the multiple intelligences quiz; seeing, hearing, and doing quiz; and the work values quiz.

Jobbank.gc.ca recommends that users don't put confidential information on their resume, such as their social security, age, martial status, date of birth, driver's license number, health card number, and any banking information. They also have a page on their site that provides information on employment standards. Job Bank has helped numerous Canadians find work, and they continue doing so for no cost on the user’s part.


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