www.Tellcoles.com.au is useful to tell Coles opinions about their stores


For those who shop at Coles for groceries, www.tellcoles.com.au is useful for anyone who wants to tell Coles opinions about their stores. Many of these opinions will be used to improve shopping experience at Coles, benefiting all their customers. It isn’t required to shop regularly at Coles to take the survey. By going to Coles one time customers are automatically eligible for the survey. All that’s needed is a legible receipt for proof. To begin, anyone who wants to share their opinions about Coles must visit tellcoles.com.au. For customers who wish to do this, it's best to have a receipt in hand or nearby. Customers will then be required to enter the necessary information to take the customer satisfaction survey.

The information that is needed are as follows: the store number, the receipt number, time and date. Once the correct information is entered, customers will be prompted to take a survey. Tellcoles has graphics on the site to aid customers in finding the information. If customers successfully complete the survey, they get five dollars off a purchase at Coles if they make a purchase of over one hundred dollars. Customers are also entered into a drawing where each month, one unique customer wins one thousand dollars worth of groceries. To be eligible for this contest, customers must complete the survey within two days of making a purchase at Coles. Customers must have an invitation card that's handed out by a Cole's representative. If a prize is won, a customer must also have a photocopy of the receipt for proof of purchase. For more information about the contest, customers can see the Terms & Conditions page.

Tellcoles also has a help page where several frequently asked questions are answered thoroughly with a great deal of description. Most of the questions help customers find information on the receipt that is required to take the survey. The answers to these questions are helpful for anyone who didn't find the graphic particularly helpful. If customers have any queries, Tellcoles provides a number for customer support, and the times and dates when customers are able to call.


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