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Food Drinks

A different kind of supermarket that cares about family, community, and health. The www.newworld.co.nz offers many tips and ideas for living healthy, excersizing, and healthy diets. Peruse the site to find a variety of recipes for a healthier lifestyle. New World offers ways by which to use canned, fresh, and boxed products to integrate the five fruits and vegetables a day requirement.

There are also tips and recipes for a leaner diet. The site navigates through the various departments showing the consumer the different types of cuts of meat. These cuts include fat trimmed beef, skinless chicken, and fish products. While surfing the page, check out the recipes for the grill, and alternatives for a diet rich in nutrients and good for the heart. Prefer slow cooker recipes? The newworld.co.nz site also has a large selection of recipes and shopping lists for the slow cooker.

Gift cards are also available through the site manager for many different denominations. A perfect gift for any occassion is the gift of taste. These cards will allow for the purchase of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, or whatever the consumer desires. Make shopping lists right on the site, and compare them to in store savings and promotions to attain the best possible prices for everything on the list.

Like incentives and prizes? New World Market offers these as well. There are a number of savings and incentive programs for shopping with New World Market. Some incentive programs offer a prespecified dollar amount spent to earn the consumer points towards airmiles and other desired rewards. Savings are offerred throughout their more than 100 stores throughout New Zealand everyday. For special occassions, or just everyday consumption New World Market offers a large variety of choices. Find your favourites, or special event menu items in one convenient stop.


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