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Unicourses School

Unisa offers a fully accreditted African and International course of study through distance learning. They are an open distance learning institution. The University of South Africa believes that if they reinforce the values and dreams of their students, that they will be able to effect the world. They desire to strengthen the African continent and the dreams of the African people. A perusal of their website at www.unisa.ac.za will portray the strong values and ethics that they desire to instill and strengthen in their students.

Unisa offers a comprehensive course of study at all levels of the collegiate chain. They have Certificates, Bachelor's, Masters', and Doctorate programs. Their student body is a collaborative collection of students from around the world. One of their missions is to build leaders that will help to build the future of Africa. Unisa desires to serve every country in the world. In so doing, the believe that they can aid in the transcendence of language and culture barriers.

The University of South Africa is committed to making a difference. A visit to their website at unisa.ac.za will lead the peruser to many different links. One of the links will lead the prospective student, and the curious to venues that demonstrate their committment to the uplifting of the disadvantaged through community service and education. They believe that through integrity of character, quality of education, and rigour of self study that they can build a community dedicated to world service.

The University of Southern Africa has a very simple, six step admissions process. Their site will walk one through the process. They have many disciplines that can be enrolled in including law, science, agriculture, and business. The main focus at UNISA is the student and their progression towards personal excellence and integrity. UNISA students make a difference. Join the UNISA community of intellectuals and help to change the world around you for the better.


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