www.pNet.co.za with log in page and jobs in durban


Established way back in 1997, this company has gone on to bring the e-recruitment services to the people. For the mutual benefit of both employers and job seekers, here is where the company offers the two parties a common meeting ground. The employer just has no time to delve into the market to find a person who they can recruit. Therefore, they need a recruiting company that they can trust, a company that will do their groundwork for them and get them the right employee to fill the right vacancy. With everything else gone online, there was a need for recruitment to go online too and that is why this company rose up to fill that void. Through their website www.pnet.co.za, they are able to deliver the right candidate to the inbox of the potential employer or the recruitment agent.

As the years pass, Pnet continues to expand where it broadens its database. There is a guarantee that whenever the corporate companies need a fitting person to fill a vacancy, this company will have one ready for them. If not, they will then get one fast. The good news is that with close to 600,000 unique visitors every month, the Pnet database continues to grow wider by the day. By allowing potential employees and candidate to submit their resumes electronically, this means that it is fast work. South African Corporate clients and recruitment agents are always on the look out for the right people to fill vacancies that arise in their companies. This is the first place that they head to.

The Pnet database is quite impressive, as their records will show on pnet.co.za. Currently, the number of the professional, unique jobseekers is just about a million. The number of adverts for jobs is about 25,000 per month. This is not all, but it keeps on getting better with time. As they customize their services to meet with the diverse needs of all their clients, they keep on attracting even more people. The good thing is that there is no limit as to the extent that their database can grow to.


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