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Service Information

Drivetest takes all the guesswork out of obtaining your Ontario Driver's License. They have taken over management of the over 50 Ontario Driver's Centers. The new management offers exemplary customer service and shorter wait times for obtaining a driver's test. Services have been made easier to obtain through their internet page www.drivetest.ca.

Their site allows for setting appointments and for checking road regulations and rules. There is even an area on the site where one can find out about exchanging their license for an Ontarion license. This can be accessed through one of many reciprocal jurisdictions links. Drivetest.ca allows the novice and young drivers to find all the information that they need to acquire a valid Ontario license. It offers information about demerit points, what they are, how one gets them, and what happens when you do get them. All this information and more is available through www.drivetest.com.

Fee schedules and checklists are also available through the site's map. The sitemap gives the novice driver all the facts about how to get their license, and where to get the driver's education to keep and make the roadways safe for all. It also lets the novice drivers know all the requirements for accompany drivers. There is also information on the knowledge test, and what will need to be known before taking it.

Drivetest.ca brings the applying driver up to date on the requirements for the vehicle they intend to use for the test as well. The section discusses rental cars use and how and where to pay the fees for the tests. Whatever is needed to be known about the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, it can be found on www.drivetest.ca.


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