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Ebay is well known as the largest Internet auction site on the web. It has many competitors, but it is seldom duplicated. Ebay.com also owns a plethora of companies nearly as impressive as the number of companies search engine giant Google has bought out over the years. Its most impressive acquisitions are PayPal and Skype. At least PayPal’s poor customer service has improved slightly since Ebay bought them out.

A person can find anything on Ebay if he puts in the right key words. If he goes to the Bay.com site, which serves people in the United States he’ll get people selling cheaply made Chinese goods. If a Canadian user wants to find goods a little closer to home, he should go to Ebay.ca. Ebay.ca works exactly the same as the main site, although it must conform to the laws of the Dominion of Canada rather than the laws of the United States of America. A Canadian shopping this site also does not need to worry about what the current exchange rates between the two countries are. Canadian dollars are worth the same amount throughout all of Canada.

Canadian users can still use the US site, just as United States users can use the versions of Ebay that are specific to certain countries. Ebay will take its portion of the sale regardless of where the item finally ends up. Ebay has promised to do something about the exorbitant shipping costs some people charge on both sites. Evidence strongly suggests nothing has happened to change people overcharging for shipping on any Ebay affiliated sites.


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