www.JurySummons.ag.gov.bc.ca for BC, Ontario and Alberta


The right to a trial by a jury of one's peers is cherished in our nation, but the price one has to pay usually comes in the form of jury summons via snail mail. By law, those who receive a summons for jury duty must report on the date specified or respond with regrets and a reason for exemption. A new website, jurysummons.ag.gov.bc.ca, allows for summoned individuals living in British Columbia to respond online.

By simply going to www.jurysummons.ag.gov.bc.ca, a person summoned for duty can access online services by entering a panelist ID and postal code. Once logged in, the individual can access a host of services. For example, if someone needs to correct address or other personal information, they may do so here. Or, if a potential juror simply wants to check the details of their assignment, including time and location, jurysummons.ag.gov.bc.ca has the latest information. Also, on occasion, jury duty can be canceled for any number of reasons. By logging in, BC residents can get the status of their assignment and avoid reporting for jury duty on a day when it's been shut down.

Finally, there are the exemptions, the numerous legitimate reasons why a person cannot report for duty. Whether it's for health reasons or other hardships, a BC resident summoned for jury duty can report their exemption electronically and not worry with mailing back an exemption form. Along with the more common exemptions, forms sent to the wrong address, to individuals too young for jury duty, or to non-citizens of British Columbia can be resolved at jurysummons.ag.gov.bc.ca.

Jury duty is just that: a duty. It is also a privilege. Jurysummons.ag.gov.bc.ca is designed to make performing that duty a little easier.


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