www.KitchenAidPromotions.com offers rebates and discounts

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Kitchenaidpromotions.com is a site that offers consumers rebates and discounts on a variety of Kitchen Aid products. For an extended period of time, KitchenAid Promotion offers a certain percentage off the list price of a product and if a consumer wants it, they can download the rebate on the site or ask for it to be mailed to their address (can take up to 8-12 weeks for delivery). The rebates are then mail-in, which require the consumer to fill out the information and send it in to then receive the money back. To receive the rebates from KitchenAid promotion, the original packaging and receipt or packing slip needed.

Once you have sent in the rebate skip, kitchenaidpromotions.com also allows you to check the status of your rebate through a simple register process. If the rebate has not yet been received by the company, there will be no status on the site and the consumer will have to wait until it is received by the company.

Kitchenaidpromotions.com also allows the consumer to submit the rebate online with easy steps: entering contact information, information about the purchase of the product, and then selecting an option of how the purchaser wants to submit their sales receipt (mail, fax, or upload). Upload to the site only requires scanning the documents onto the computer and then putting them on the site when prompted. If a rebate is selected, the consumer only has a certain period of time after they print it or get it in the mail to return it and let it be processed. Limit one per household on each rebate and each cannot be combined with other rebates or offers on the site. To look at available rebates or for more information, visit www.kitchenaidpromotions.com.


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