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More and more people are realizing the importance of getting involved in their health and well being. From monitoring what and when they eat, to implementing an exercise regiment that adequately meets their needs, individuals are reaping empowerment and energy to enjoy their own lives.

But when a doctor's visit is required for a certain health concern, at times, tests will be ordered to eliminate or confirm a suspected diagnosis. Then of course the patient must wait for the results to be mailed or for that anticipated phone call from the doctor's office for the results of the test(s). And even at that, a simple "normal" or "abnormal" answer from the nurse may be given, when a patient is wanting more detail, a desire to study the results themselves, or simply a hard copy for their records, in a timely manner.

With myehealth.ca, British Columbian, patients can do just that. Patients are able to access their results as soon as the performing labs release them, viewing them via e-mail. To register, the individual must be at least 16 years old, have a BC Care Card Number, and have had lab work done within the last 30 days by either BC biomedical Laboratories or Lifelabs.

The website, www.myehealth.ca, is set up in a helpful fashion in which common questions are answered regarding registration. In addition, myehealth.ca is dedicated to the security of your information. In order to ensure this, there are three security questions/answers to be completed, as well as a needed security phrase to release results to the appropriate person. They are also open to comments and suggestions to help them improve their existing services. An e-mail address and toll free phone number are provided with a response given within 48 hours. But best of all, the service is free.


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