www.PassportCanada.gc.ca with renewal application form for children

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The website www.passportcanada.gc.ca is the official website for Canadian citizens and legal residents of Canada to obtain Canadian travel documents. The website is the official representation of the Canadian passport office and all information is offered in both of Canada's official languages; English and French. The website itself is very informative covering all aspects of what one would need to know in obtaining a passport or other travel document. From processing times based on locations to required forms to who is eligible for what, this website covers the gamut of what anyone would need to know.

In specifics, the website provides step-by-step guides for Canadians and Non-Canadians alike is what travel documents they can apply for as well as what forms and what identification needs to be presented. While this is the crux of passportcanada.gc.ca, the website provides also so much more. Travel information as well as country alerts are placed prominently on the website's homepage with links taking the reader off for more information. The website even has a section for those traveling under 'official' passports; diplomats, elected officials and the like.

Aside from travel and passport information, the website also describes the office itself, which department is falls under and through which authority is exists. It also includes past press releases for those interested in such things. Finally, passportcanada.gc.ca provides a full section detailing accountability of the office. Everything from appealing a refusal or revocation of a travel document to how to contact the ombudsman should you wish to complain or have an investigation performed. This section also allows for a satisfaction survey as well as a section that discloses all legalities.

This website is a one-stop source for all Canadians - citizens and residents - that require some sort of travel document. By visiting www.passportcanada.gc.ca one can obtain all the information, forms and procedures they need to apply.


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