www.VanillaMasterCard.com with activation and balance check online

Credit Card Banking

Vanilla Mastercard has a website that can be found at www.vanillamastercard.com. The first things patrons will be confronted with when they arrive at the home page are the three different areas of the world where they do business. The first place they have clients is the USA where people have the option of entering the website’s two English or Spanish versions of the website. Their Canadian choices are in English and French and their Puerto Rican selections have an English language and a Spanish language version of the website. Each one of these sites offers customers information on the card that is sold in those areas.

The website, vanillamastercard.com, caters to those who have received a pre-paid mastercard either as a gift or as something that they purchased for themselves. To learn more about it they just have to make the right selection from the choices described above and they can find out, for example, how much is left on their balance.

At the bottom of the page, customers who would like to learn more information about the terms of their Mastercard’s service just need to click on the link to the appropriate page. The first link, privacy policy, takes them to the page where they can read how their information is being used by www.vanillamastercard.com. The second link, cardholder agreement, takes them to where they will find the terms under which they must agree to use their Vanilla Mastercards. If they need to contact anyone from the organization, they will find that information here; they also have a link at the bottom of the page to the contact information. The last link in red reads Important Notice. A short notice about pre-paid card information is something holders of this card may want to read. To return to the home page from any of these deeper pages, customers just have to click on the Home link at the top of the page.


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