www.EppiCard.com with debit login and unemployment pa

Social Service

www.eppicard.com offers several states a safe and secure way of paying out unemployment and assistance payments in the form of a debit card. Eppicard.com offers individuals a way to receive their payments in a quick and efficient manner helping one to live life without the added worry of his/her check being lost or stolen along with removing the chance of identity theft by eliminating a paper trail.

This card also double as credit card, either as a Visa® or a MasterCard®, allowing a person from knowing who is receiving benefits removing the stigma attached to being on the state’s assistant or unemployment programs.  Balances are easily checked on eppicard.com by logging on the site and choosing the state that issued the card, or by calling customer service number on the back of the card, the balance can also be checked at many atm machines. A small fee is deducted from the card for checking balances from the phone or an atm machine.

The state’s program page directs an individual to the appropriate places and can be viewed in English or Spanish. Navigation around www.eppicard.com is easy to do once logged into one’s personal account, with large radio buttons that are clearly labeled.  The eppicard.com site gives several tips on how to keep an individual from being the victims of identity theft or phishing scams that could damage a person’s reputation. By using a state issued card from www.eppicard.com an individual will worry less of losing his/her check leading to long delays in repayment and bills going unpaid due to lose or theft.


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