www.OUAC.on.ca with application status and deadline online

University Learning

The www.ouac.on.ca is the website for the Ontario Universities Application Center. The website is a easily laid out for students looking to see their options for enrollment. On the site you will clearly see options for Undergraduate Applications, Ontario Law Schools, Ontario Rehabilitation Science Programs, and Ontario Medical Schools. For teaching professionals you will also see application for the Ontario Faculties of Education.

ouac.on.ca provides the resources a student or teacher would expect in an easy layout. In the middle are the options described above to allow future applicants to easily navigate through. On the top of the page you will see quick links for deadlines, resources, statistics and more. Here you can get all the information you will need when looking to apply to Ontario Universities.

When you look into the further pages the data is clear and easy for one to see. The deadlines page could be redone. On this page you see the deadlines for applications but some have been passed and the deadlines for the 2012 year are not readily available on the site. The news page is also lacking on information. There are only three news articles from the past six months leaving one asking the question ‘What is the reason for this page?” The contact page does not give you an email address or a directory of employees and how to get a hold of them. You do have telephone numbers and hours of operations for you to see. The fax line is also listed but it does not say who monitors the fax. Overall ouac.on.ca is a well designed website that could provide more content for the user to prevent questions on simple matters.


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