www.KoboSetup.com is a handheld reader for ebooks


Handheld readers are a revolutionary phenomenon. One of the newer handheld readers the Kobo eReader Touch join the fray. To add eBooks to the eReader Touch visit kobosetup.com on the web and install Desktop Software. In fact, it’s mandatory. The Kobo Desktop Software is a program that manages, stores, and allows a way to read downloaded material. A big part of this software is the Kobo Store. The Kobo Store is where the library of books is located. Select, purchase (in some cases), and download. It will be stored inside Desktop Software.

Once downloaded, register with Kobo and then link the eReader Touch to the software by pressing Sync. Then use the software or the reader to search through over two million eBooks to download in the Kobo Store. It's easy to do; just type the selection on the search bar and browse. Half of the selections are free while the other half are paid. With an organized interface, it is very easy to find exactly what to look for. The book cover titles are lined up in rows of six. If an idea doesn't immediately come to mind, check out the bestseller list. Kobo also have newspapers and magazines to browse for.

However don't feel limited to Kobo products; check out books from Amazon, Google, Barnes and Noble, Sony, and other eBook sites that offer ePub, MOBI, PDF, and other formats. If one is selected, it can be transferred to Kobo. Download the selection and sync to the eReader Touch instantly. Also sync to other electronic devices that have the Kobo app installed. Read the downloaded copy on the computer, handheld reader or any other synced device. This is great addition to any Kobo user. Check out www.kobosetup.com to download the free software. It’s available for PC and Mac.


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