www.Voterlink.ab.ca a website for those who live in Alberta


The Website www.voterlink.ab.ca is a website for those who live in Alberta, Canada to be able to register to vote online in this part of Canada. On voterlink.ab.ca a person will be able to regsiter to vote if the individual meets the follwing criteria: They are a cistizen of Canada, they are 18 years of age and a resident of Alberta for at least six month out of the year.

The website makes it easy to vote and promises that it will take only a few minutes to complete the process. Keep in mind though that in order to register to vote through voterlink.ab.ca a form of identification will be required, such as a drivers licences or personal identification card issued in Alberta Canada.

However, regstering to vote isn't all that voterlink has to offer to citizens of Alberta, Canada. The website also offers comprehensive information on the voting process. There is an extensive FAQ section where an individaul could go to see if their question is answered, if not its easy enough to send an email to them to inquire abuot the issue that isn't currently addressed. There are also sections devoted to the Legislation surrounding the country of Canada, and the late breaking news that surrounds the electoral process in Alberta, Canada. This is just skimming the surface of what can actually be found at voterlink. The website can no doubt help take the guesswork out of regsitering to vote, or understanding the voting process in Alberta, Canada.