www.Nexus.gc.ca has card application online forms for Canada and US


Nexus is a joint program between the United States and Canada to expedite border clearance for low-risk travelers that frequently cross. Travelers must be pre-approved for this program by “The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and U.S. Customs. Once becoming a member of this program, travelers can cross the border quickly into Canada or the U.S. using land crossing reserved lanes, phoning officials when crossing by water and using airport self-serve kiosks. This program is not to be confused with “CANPASS Air”, a CBSA program that allows border crossing into Canada only and not the United States.

To apply for a Nexus membership, an application must be submitted either by online or paper and can be found on the Nexus website at www.nexus.gc.ca. The information that is submitted will determine eligibility into the program. A traveler must be a permanent resident or citizen of the U.S. or Canada for the last three years and meet all the eligibility requirements found on the nexus.gc.ca website. All applicants are thoroughly screened for criminal history, no-fly and terror threats by the FBI, CSIS, RCMP, Interpol, United Nations and the UK Police National Computer. An applicant is also checked for immigration and citizenship status.

After passing all the screenings, an applicant must report to the enrollment center for a full interview by a U.S. CBP officer or a CBSA officer. If under the age of 18, children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the interview and require parental consent to enroll in NEXUS. The parent/guardian must also have documented proof of custody of the minor. If all terms are met for eligibility, fingerprints and photos will be taken and the terms and conditions of NEXUS will be fully explained. A membership card valid for five years will then be issued. NEXUS members are subject to routine immigration and customs checks at the border crossing. Membership renewal is required six months before expiration and another interview is required to verify ongoing eligibility.


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