www.HappyMeal.com has a code to enter the mac world


Happy meal toys go beyond the restaurant at www.mcworld.com, where children as well as adults will find an assortment of fun, educational, and challenging things to do after leaving America's favorite fast food joint. Games, cartoons, arts, crafts, music, puzzles, and stories await, along with special features dedicated to the toy inside of the happy meal. Day in and day out, mcworld.com is the place to be for learning fun-any time.

Kids will have the time of their life when they visit www.mcworld.com, and parents can rest assured knowing the site is great for any age child. Perhaps the information from their happy meal box pusuaded them, or maybe even a television commercial. Whatever it is, head their fast. Kids are rewarded with special codes that unlocks special treats and treasures for their virtual world, along with certificates recognizing their accomplishments, such as learning how to search the web safely. And, parents can find informative articles on kid-friendly subjects, plus other tools to keep track of the activities completed at the site. Becoming a member of the site will allow even more special features exclusive for members only. Best of all, the site is easy to use, even for beginners, and loaded with colorful illustrations, animations, and so much more fun.

While at the site, more information concerning the Ronald McDonald House charities can be found, as well as information concerning volunteering and how easy it is to become involved in helping make your community and home a better place. No where else is such terrific information waiting for persons of any age! Visit www.mcworld.com to see the things waiting and watch the smiles light up.


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