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Headmaster is a software development company that also offers services for hardware, networking, licensing and certification of certain tests and other technological solutions to clients in several states in the United States of America. The company has been in the development of software that is used in schools such as Grademaster and other online tests for particularly certified nurse aide (CNA). It was founded in the year 1985 by two professionals Paul Dorrance and Ben Schmitt. The states in whch they offer the online certified nurse aide tests are Arizona, Montana, New Hmapshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont.

Another online training service Headmaster offers is for medication assistant training in Arizona CMA, Arkansas CMA, to the Massachusetts Map Testing and Registry, Montana CMA, Oregon CMA and Ohio CMA. All these institutions in these regions benefit from the services found at www.hdmaster.com. Lead abatement is offered in Ohio Lead and Idaho has Facility administrator training form this company. Other software programs they have include WebETest which is normally used with another one called Testmaster for purposes of registering candidates, submitting content and exam results the available regulatory agencies and registries for the clients.

The company’s computers are ISO 9002 Certified and so they do network installations and maintenance of the same network. They have qualified personnel that can help a client find problems in their hardware, do implementation and provide solutions that are geared at solving the hardware problems. For any client that has exams, surveys or just any information in data form that they want to avail online, the company can provide data host services, software and any technical assistance that is required for that. all they need to do is visit www.hdmaster.com and contact the company with their requests and they will have someone ready to respond to their needs.


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