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Kellybluebook.com redirects to kbb.com, the home page of the famous used-car valuation service known as Kelley Blue Book. The oldest and most successful car appraisal firm, every year Kelley Blue Book releases an up-to-date table of new and used car values. So successful has the company been at promoting, distributing and inspiring trust in its calculations that the so-called "Blue Book value" of any given used car is the de facto starting number in point-of-sale price negotiations.

Founded in the early 1900s, Kelley Blue Book has grown dramatically over the years. The advent of the internet has allowed the company to reach a whole new audience and move beyond simple valuations to offer a wide array of services for new- and used-car buyers. Visitors to the site can compare private-sale values with prices on Certified Pre-Owned cars that come with extended warranties, or see what their current car might be worth as a trade-in. In fact, this trade-in feature is so popular that www.kellybluebook.com goes beyond simply providing trade values and partners directly with an online used-car marketplace to give users real trade-in quotes and the potential to earn cash for their cars.

Though Kelley Blue Book's roots lie in the valuation business, the company has evolved into a full-service used-car clearinghouse. As such, a principal component of kellybluebook.com is the car review section, which features both expert reviews and candid evaluations from regular consumers to give potential buyers both sides of the story. And for parents concerned about the quality of the car they are looking to purchase, the site also features safety ratings from reputable agencies.

No car-centric website, and certainly not the premier used-car valuation website in the world, would be complete without tips for car buyers. The creators of www.kellybluebook.com make browsing the site fun with money- and energy-saving tips, advice for young car buyers, and a look ahead at new car trends. With seven million visitors last year, the site has clearly found an audience.


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