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Health Net is one of the world's largest health insurance providers in the industry today. Healthnet.com offers a wide variety of information regarding the insurance provider, services offered and how to get enrolled in their various programs.

For those shopping for health insurance, the website offers information on costs, benefits and how to make the best decision for individuals, families and businesses. There is also a plethora of information about the various Medicare programs that the company participates in, such as Healthy Families. The homepage at www.healthnet.com providers drop-down lists for those interested in purchasing health insurance, members, brokers, employers and providers. From there one can view the individual state programs available and compare and contrast plans.

Healthnet.com also has a very convenient provider search tool which allows members, as well as potential members, to locate healthcare providers within their area who are contracted with Health Net. Providers can be found by name, specialty and by location. It allows people considering Health Net to see if the doctors or clinics they prefer are covered.

The website is full of other types of information, both in English and Spanish. One can visit www.healthnet.com to find the latest health news and information on legislation that affects the healthcare industry. One can also find out more about the investors behind Health Net, how it stands in the stock market, upcoming webcasts and more. Members can quickly and easily sign up for the paperless system of receiving information to reduce waste. There is information about data security and handling personal healthcare information. Healthnet.com is a fully-functioning website providing a large amount of information for their members, potential members and providers. If the information one is searching for is not available on the website, there are options for contacting Health Net via email, phone or mobile.


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