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Carrying cash around with you is often a pain, and it is also risky, because if you lose the money or are robbed, you don't gain the money back. On top of this, purchasing items with a credit card is alright, unless you are not able to pay off the entire balance by the end of the month. This forces you to pay interest, which over time may end up being more than the actual amount of the item you purchased. The best way to buy items is with a debt card. Even if you aren't affiliated with a bank, it is possible to order a debit card from a company such as Money Network. Through the Money Network website, you are able to create your own debit card, track your spending and monitor how much money you have available.

MoneyNetwork.com works in a similar manor to an online banking account. When you reach the website, you are able to either create your own card, or check your current balance. In order to check your balance, you need to type in the entire card number into the specified "Card Number" bar, then type in the PIN. This is the PIN number you set up, which is used when purchasing items in store or when withdrawing money at an ATM. Once you enter in the information you are shown how much money you have with the Money Network website. From here you can add more money to the account, look over purchased you have made, and inspect the actual date of the purchase.

On top of all this, if you lose the card, you are not out of your hard earned money. Simply report the lost or stolen card to Money Network and they replace it for you.


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