www.Barbie.com with dress up games for girls


www.Barbie.com is an interactive website based on the toys "Barbie and Ken". They offer a large quantity of games and activities which are well suited for children of any age. Their website is inviting for children based on the general appeal of its vibrant, brightly colored, and animated color scheme and layout. There are also navigational sections that offer children different options to play such as "games", "videos", "virtual world" and many others. Barbie.com is a website focused on the entertainment of children, as it is designed to be easily navigated by a child.

Although the animated parts of the website add a certain appeal, it may be slow for some computer systems. This means that there could be issues loading the page occasionally. One aspect of the website that enhances its overall value, however, is that there are no extra ads or pop ups that would make a parent worry about obtaining a virus on their computer.

Although children may be the main focus, the website also offers adults the option to purchase Barbie dolls, pets, play sets and accessories through a "shop" option. When the adults click the "shop" option, they will be taken to a new window and are given the option to go through different categories. Shopping from their website becomes simple because the adults are given the option to search by age, gender, category, and more. Besides shopping, there is also an option to follow them on Facebook. This demonstrates that they are using the growing methods of keeping in contact with their customers and fans.


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