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OKcupid.com is not your typical online dating website. First of all, the sign up process is very easy. You can have a username and a password set up in just minutes and be ready to search for possible matches on the website. One of the best features of the website is how easy is it to search for possible matches. Users will be able to search for possible matches withing minutes of their visit to the website.

Once you join it will ask users to upload a photo of them self along with some personal information. It asks for your height and body type along with some information yourself. This may seem like a little much. The more information that users give about themselves the higher the probability that they will find a match on the website.

One of the most helpful features of the website is the search function. Searches can be refined in almost any category. Gone are the days where online daters can only search by age in 15 year increments. Searching can now be done by age on a year by year basis. OKcupid.com also will tell users if the profile that they are looking at replies very often or very selectively. This can be a good indicator if the person is using the website for the right reasons. Someone who is more selective might also be looking for something more serious on OKcupid.com.

OKcupid.com isn't just for people who are looking for serious relationships. Those who are new to certain area can also use the website to help them find new friends who can show them around their new area. OKcupid.com is simply a quick and easy way to meet new people in any area for any reason.


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