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Qatar Airways was established in 1993, and began operating flights in early 1994. Qatar airways is one of seven airlines to have received a Skytrax 5-star rating, the highest rating an airline can receive.

Flights can be booked at www.qatarairways.com from over 100 destinations world-wide on six continents. Qatar Airways operates a hub and spokes style flight network with all flights based out of Doha, Qatar. Passengers in the United States can fly from over 170 airports to either Houston, New York, or Washington D.C. and then onto Doha. From there connecting flights will take them to the Middle East, Asia, India, or Africa. In addition to special accommodations for families with young children, Qatar Airways offers benefits to groups of 10 or more. These include discounted tickets, advanced seat reservation, extra-luggage allowance and an option to defer payment with a deposit.

At qatarairways.com, passengers can check passport and visa requirements for various destinations, view travel alerts for destinations specific to the airlines, find information on making a seamless transfer to their next flight, and view information on baggage requirements and restrictions, which can vary between countries. It is also possible for travelers to check in online ahead of time, select seats and print boarding passes from home. In additional to these, passengers can also find tips on staying healthy and relaxed throughout their flight from well known health specialist Depak Chopra. They can also view the selection of in flight movies available to them, as most of the flights include personal DVD systems for each passenger's use.

In addition to booking flights, qatarairways.com offers extended layovers in Doha with the option to book a variety of accommodations and tours. Guests can experience Doha's mix of traditional and contemporary culture by visiting markets, taking a dinner cruise, or exploring sand dunes.


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