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The internet landscape is always in flux and change. There have been very few providers that have weathered the storms that the internet can offer to business. Countless providers have come and gone in the past few decades. One of the few internet providers that is still standing after many years is Roadrunner. Roadrunner, now owned by Time Warner, offers high speed and broadband internet services. One of the aspects of the service they provide is a homepage. This homepage can be found at roadrunner.com. The webpage offers many different options for individuals who come to the site. Here is a brief listing of what customers can do there.

Manage Customers Account:
One of the main features of www.roadrunner.com is its ability to allow individual who are enrolled in Roadrunner internet service the opportunity to manage their account online. From the account services page customers are able to change account settings, change their internet plan and other vital tasks. If the customer needs additional assistance the website offers a live chat option for any help that may be needed. A search function is also available that can be employed to find any information that may be needed.

News and entertainment:
Displayed prominently all upon the website are new articles. The articles are broken down by subject matter and date. The site is regularly updated and is rather popular with internet users. The site allows users to comment upon stories and to share their ideas and opinions with others. Some of the categories of stories to be found at roadrunner.com include: Politics, Sports, Fashion, Entertainment and Travel. The site can display local news for the consumer if they desire. The website also offers to subscribers the ability to play various games online. These games are updated frequently. For individuals who do not wish to play online the website does offer the option of downloading games directly to their computer.


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