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Getting a Rebate
Stapleseasyrebates.com explains the difference between a mail-in rebate and an easy rebate. An easy rebate is a rebate that can be submitted online rather than through the mail. This makes the process much faster to receive a rebate.

How Does It Work
www.stapleseasyrebates.com is a simply designed, easy to use website that allows for submitting online rebate requests. After purchasing an item that is eligible for an easy rebate, a customer can go directly to the easy rebate website to submit their rebate. The customer will choose how they got their product to get started. Whether the product was bought online, via catalog or in-store, the easy rebate process is similar. Once the rebate has been submitted, it then takes 4-6 weeks to receive a prepaid card for the money back on the product.

What Else Does The Site Offer?

Stapleseasyrebates.com also offers tracking rebates. A customer can go back to the website after submitting a rebate and track it. Though, mail-in rebates are also able to be tracked via the same website. Another feature the website offers is the ability to find products through Staples that have current rebates on them. The site provides a drop down list that has multiple company or product names that currently have rebates on them. For example, choosing "Staples" from the list currently states that a purchase of the "One Touch Three Hole Punch" between 9/18 and 12/31 results in a $5 rebate. This function also has the ability to search via SKU #, product keyword and rebate number. The website also offers the ability to check a rebate or gift card balance, which makes shopping easier. The balance function simply requires the tracking number to get started.


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